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Which Crimes Can You Get Expunged From Your Record in North Carolina? 

 Posted on October 24, 2022 in Criminal Defense

raleigh expungement lawyerEven with the best criminal defense attorney, it is not always possible to avoid convictions for crimes. An unfortunate feature of our criminal justice system is that a criminal record often makes someone continue to pay for their crimes, sometimes long after that person has paid back their debt to society. Worse, even being arrested for or charged with a crime without being convicted can have the same effect. If you have a criminal record and are wondering whether you can get it wiped clean, speak with a North Carolina criminal defense attorney with experience in record expungement

How Can I Get My Criminal Record Expunged? 

It is important to note that North Carolina law uses the term “expunction” rather than “expungement,” but that these terms mean exactly the same thing and can be used interchangeably. An expunction is the erasure of a criminal record by order of a judge. After a criminal record has been expunged, the person for whom it was expunged can honestly say that they have not committed that crime (with exceptions for certain immigration purposes). 

The criminal records that can generally be expunged in North Carolina include, but are not limited to: 

  • Up to three non-violent felony convictions
  • Non-violent misdemeanor convictions
  • First-time convictions for certain offenses before age 18 or 22
  • Any charge that resulted in a not guilty verdict 

The requirements for getting a record expunged depend on the crime in question. For example, two or three non-violent felony convictions can only be expunged after at least 20 years have passed since the end of a sentence or probationary period for the crime when the person in question has no other pending charges and has paid any required restitution. Just one nonviolent felony conviction can be expunged after 10 years have passed and the same conditions are met. Not guilty or dismissed verdicts can be expunged right away. 

An attorney with experience in North Carolina’s criminal justice system can help you understand whether your criminal history qualifies for expungement, and, if so, apply for an expunction. Your attorney can also help you make a compelling case that you are of good moral character and deserve to have your record expunged in a hearing with a judge. 

Talk to a North Carolina Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer

At Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC, we believe everyone deserves a second chance. To learn more about whether we can help you expunge your criminal record, schedule a free consultation with one of our Raleigh, NC criminal record expungement attorneys by calling 1-844-YO-PELEO. Hablamos Español. 



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