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The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees "the right of the people to keep and bear arms," but this right is not absolute. The federal government, each state, and many municipalities have enacted laws that restrict the types of firearms that you can own, how you can obtain them, and where you are permitted to carry them. Unfortunately, these kinds of laws are often complex, and even those with no intention of breaking the law can find themselves facing weapons-related criminal charges.

At the Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC, our experienced attorneys know that the overwhelming majority of gun owners in North Carolina are law-abiding citizens with the best intentions. We also realize that accidents, misunderstandings, and inadvertent oversights can easily lead to weapons charges. Regardless of your situation, if you are facing charges related to the possession, carrying, or use of a weapon, our knowledgeable team is ready and willing to go to work on your behalf. With over 35 years of combined criminal law experience, our lawyers understand what it is at stake, and we have the resources and tools to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.

Gun Laws in North Carolina

If you wish to legally purchase a handgun in North Carolina, you must be at least 21 years old and have a pistol purchase permit or a concealed carry permit. These permits can be obtained through the Sheriff's Department in your area following an application and background check. The specific requirements for obtaining a permit to purchase a handgun may vary depending on your county, and a nominal fee will usually apply.

To legally purchase a shotgun or rifle, you must be at least 18 years old, and you may purchase the gun from either a dealer or through a private sale. No permits or background checks are required for the purchase of a long gun.

North Carolina is an open carry state, which means that if you legally own a firearm, you are allowed to carry it openly. "Open carry" means that you have a firearm on your person or in your vehicle, and it is visible. If you wish to carry a concealed firearm or to hide a gun in the compartment of your car, for example, you need to have a concealed carry permit. There are limits to where you can carry a firearm—both open and concealed. Off-limit areas include government buildings, schools, bars, restaurants that serve alcohol, and any business that displays a "No Weapons" sign.

Smithfield Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Rights

At Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC, we handle a full range of weapons violations. We have helped many clients obtain favorable outcomes in weapons-related cases, and we are prepared to put our experience on your side. Our lawyers can help you defend against charges of:

  • Unlawful possession of a weapon
  • Concealed carry violations
  • Larceny (theft) of a firearm
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm

Under North Carolina law, many weapons-related offenses are prosecuted as felonies. The severity of your charges and the penalties associated with a conviction will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the alleged offense and your prior criminal history.

When you choose our firm to help with your weapons case, we will thoroughly investigate the details of your arrest and the circumstances surrounding it. We will also take the time to listen to your version of what happened so that we can develop a full understanding of the situation. From there, we will help you explore all of your available options for protecting your future.

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