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There are countless elements of a divorce that can present serious challenges, but some of the most difficult are often disputes regarding child custody and parental visitation. Unmarried parents may face similar challenges, as the idea of co-parenting alongside your former partner may not even sound possible.

At Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC, our skilled family law attorneys understand the issues that can arise during child custody proceedings. We also recognize the effects that a bitter child custody dispute can have on your family. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you protect your child's best interests and secure the best possible outcome for your specific circumstances.

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North Carolina law expressly encourages divorcing and unmarried parents to cooperate in developing a custody arrangement that best serves the child's needs. The law also sets an expectation that parental responsibilities are substantial and ongoing. With this in mind, parents are encouraged to not only share parenting duties but also to participate actively in the lives of their children while maintaining healthy relationships. If the parents cannot come to an agreement, however, the court will intervene and determine a custody arrangement.

Every North Carolina child custody case begins with no presumptions favoring either parent. The court's primary goal is to "best promote the interest and welfare of the child." At the request of either parent, a North Carolina court is required to consider the appropriateness of a joint custody situation. If a joint custody order is issued, the parents are expected to share the responsibility of making important decisions related to the child's life. Such decisions include choice about health care, education, religion, and non-school activities. If, in the judge's opinion, joint custody would not serve the child's best interests, one parent will be given sole custody.

When making a child custody determination, the court will consider a wide range of relevant factors, including but not limited to:

  • The child's age
  • The child's specific needs
  • Each parent's home environment
  • Each parent's ability to provide for the child
  • Each parent's mental and physical health
  • The child's relationship with each parent and any siblings
  • Each parent's wishes
  • Any history of domestic abuse by either parent

The court may also consider the child's wishes regarding custody arrangements. In practice, the court will only do so when the child is old enough or mature enough to understand the situation and what his or her preference means.

Protecting Your Rights in Johnston County

The laws that govern child custody proceedings in North Carolina are very complex. If you are facing a divorce or a breakup that will involve child custody concerns, having the right attorney on your side is crucial. You may be tempted to handle the situation on your own, but doing so could be a big mistake, as a small error could jeopardize your parental rights and your child's well-being.

When you choose Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC to help with your child custody case, we will work closely with you from the very beginning. Our lawyers will ensure that you understand both the law and the process of resolving custody disputes. We will help you organize your thoughts and wishes and assist you in negotiating the terms of an agreement with your former partner whenever possible. If an amicable agreement is not possible, we will help you build a case designed to protect your rights and your child's best interests.

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