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What Should Be Included in a North Carolina Parenting Plan?

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shutterstock_271476920.jpgThere are many thorny issues that are difficult to resolve during divorce, and children are first among them. Of course, custody and visitation rights are at the heart of many disputes. To help facilitate an understanding between the parties, the court will have the ex-spouses attempt to come up with a parenting plan that they both agree on. A parenting plan is basically an agreement between separating spouses that delineates how they plan to raise their children.

Here are three matters that a parenting plan should address:

Custody and Visitation

The plan should outline the custody and visitation rights of each parent. Joint custody involves both parents sharing physical and legal custody of the child. Parenting time is usually split between the parties. The child may spend the week at the mother’s house and then go to the dad’s house for the weekend. A parenting plan is a great way to get this arrangement down in writing.

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, the disagreements do not end after the divorce is finalized. Situations change, and the terms of the parenting plan may need to be reworked.

With this in mind, including a dispute resolution provision within the plan is critical. The parties can turn to an agreed upon method to solve whatever problem arises in the future.

College/Health Care/Extracurricular Activities

Numerous issues should be addressed in the plan, including:

-          Health care

-          Education plans

-          Extracurricular activities

-          Childcare responsibilities

-          College tuition obligations

It is important to note that a parenting plan is not required. The court is simply giving the parties an opportunity to come to a solution themselves. If they cannot agree on a plan, the court will intervene and identify an arrangement that it believes is in the child’s best interest.

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Divorce is sometimes necessary, but it is never easy. Disentangling lives that were intertwined for years is an arduous undertaking – emotionally, financially, and psychologically. Things only become more complicated, and more heart-wrenching, if children are involved.

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