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New Rules for Asylum and Parole May Affect Immigrants to the U.S.

 Posted on May 15, 2023 in Immigration

smithfield immigration lawyerOver the past several years, the United States has had to deal with a large number of people attempting to enter the country. In many cases, migrants have left their homes in countries that have experienced political unrest, violence, or other dangerous conditions and sought safety in the U.S. However, many immigrants have faced barriers preventing them from legally entering the United States, and immigration officials have taken action to quickly expel many people who entered the country without authorization. Fortunately, this may soon change as the administration of President Joe Biden begins to implement new rules and procedures governing asylum, parole, deportations, and more.

Asylum Procedures Following the End of Title 42

Over the past several years, immigration officials have used a rule known as Title 42 to expel many immigrants from the United States without following the typical deportation procedures. This rule was put in place by the administration of President Donald Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was intended to protect public health. However, it has continued to be used even after the dangers of COVID-19 have become less of a concern. After several legal challenges, Title 42 will be lifted on May 11, 2023.

Immigration officials have noted that the end of Title 42 does not mean that the United States will have "open borders." Immigrants are still required to follow the proper procedures when seeking authorization to enter the country. To reduce illegal immigration, officials will be taking steps to quickly deport those who cross the border illegally. Those who are deported in these cases will be barred from re-entry for five years, and they will not be eligible to apply for asylum.

The U.S. is also looking to make the process of applying for asylum easier and more orderly by requiring people to schedule interviews with immigration officials through a smartphone app. Regional processing centers are being opened in several countries, including Guatemala and Columbia, allowing immigrants to schedule interviews and determine the steps they will need to take to legally immigrate to the United States. The Biden administration has also created a parole program that will allow immigrants from certain countries, including Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Ukraine to receive authorization to enter the U.S. if they are sponsored by a family member or employer.

However, there have been some issues with these new procedures. The app used to schedule interviews has been glitchy, and it relies on facial-recognition technology that has been found to make errors when identifying people with darker skin tones. This has limited some people's ability to schedule interviews and take steps to apply for asylum. Those who do not have access to a smartphone or who are uncomfortable using technology may have difficulty completing the proper procedures. The parole process also has certain limitations, including requiring immigrants to enter the United States via plane. This may disqualify people who cannot afford a plane ticket or who do not have the resources to follow these procedures because they have fled dangerous situations.

Contact Our Smithfield Asylum Lawyers

The issues that are currently affecting immigrants highlight the importance of working with an attorney to address these concerns. To ensure that they follow the correct procedures and submit the right forms and documents, immigrants or sponsors can get legal help from a Johnston County immigration attorney at Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC. We can provide guidance on the options that are available and the steps to follow to ensure that a person can enter and live in the United States. To set up a free consultation, contact our office at 1-844-YO-PELEO.




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