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Can I Sue the City After an Accident with Public Transit? 

 Posted on September 26, 2022 in Personal Injury

Wake County personal injury lawyerAccidents with public transit vehicles tend to result in serious injuries - after all, buses, trains, trams, and other forms of public transit are usually much larger than passenger vehicles, and collisions commonly cause catastrophic injuries or death. But public transportation agencies owe a duty of care to prevent avoidable injuries, and when the driver, operator, or a mechanical defect is responsible for an accident, the transportation agency could be held liable. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident with a North Carolina public transit vehicle, read on to learn how a personal injury attorney can help. 

Why Do I Need a Lawyer in a Public Transit Accident Case? 

If a government agency’s liability in an accident is clear, the agency may want to work quickly with victims to settle a claim brought by the victim or his or her family. However, this settlement offer may not reflect the full extent of the harm done by the accident - for example, by not covering the full value of a victim’s lost wages, medical expenses, or a family’s long-term grief from the loss of a parent or child. 

An attorney can guide you throughout the claim process, handling complex paperwork and legal matters so you can focus on recovering. An attorney will complete a full investigation, determine who was responsible for the accident, and negotiate on your behalf to make sure the city compensates you for the full value of your claim. 

Common Causes of Public Transit Accidents

Another reason it is important to meet with an attorney following an accident involving public transit is that an attorney may be able to establish fault when you did not even know the city was responsible for your injuries. For example, if a city bus suddenly stops in front of you and you rear-end the bus and suffer serious injuries, an attorney may be able to prove that the bus’s sudden stop was not necessary or safe. Other common causes of public transit accidents include: 

  • A city driver failing to use turn signals, speeding, or driving drowsy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • A city driver failing to drive in a reasonable manner considering the weather
  • Improper maintenance or faulty vehicle parts 
  • A negligent train operator that causes a vehicle to crash or derail 
  • Administrators who failed to conduct proper background checks, resulting in unqualified and unsafe drivers 

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Raleigh, NC Public Transit Injury Lawyer

If you were injured by a city bus, train, or tram, contact a North Carolina public transit injury attorney with Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC to hold the parties responsible for your accident accountable. Get started learning about your options for recovering medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for your pain and suffering by scheduling a free consultation today by calling 1-844-YO-PELEO





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