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The Vasquez Law Firm DACA Dreamer Scholarship Winner

Jorge Manzanares

Spring 2024 Winner Jorge Manzanares

Enrolled as a graduate student at The University of Arizona, Jorge has his sights on becoming the president of a university someday, which is why he is pursuing an MBA to complement his higher education background. Read Jorge’s poem to learn more about his past and where he expects to go in the future.

Read Jorge's Poem:

Neither Here, Nor There: Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla

Am I American?Que tal Mexicano?I have lived in the states for 20 yearsY tan solo 7 años en Mexico

I speak two languagesPero Español es mas dificil para miI have learned about Washington, Lincoln, and ObamaPero muy poco sobre la revolucion contra España

I call Phoenix, AZ my homePor que ya recuerdo muy poco de mi pueblo en MorelosArizona is all I have ever knownMorelos parece un sueño que trato retener

Aunts and uncles me "Guero" to refer to me as AmericanPero los gringos me llaman "Mexican"Who am I?Quien soy yo?

My birth certificate says MexicanPero yo conozco muy poco de MexicoI have assimilated to American cultureY se mucho menos sobre the cultura Mexicana

I call myself Mexican soley by birthrightPero tampoco me puedo llamarme Americano con tan solo DACAI do not feel full accepted by my Mexican communityY tampoco me siento aceptado por the communicad Americana

I have been brought up here to pursue educationY es lo que me ha motivado a seguir adelanteDespite all the added roadblocks to pursue my educationHe logrado llegar a donde estoy hoy

Que soy yo?What am I?Soy hijo, hermano, lider, estudiante y educatorI am a son, brother, leader, student, and educator

Quien soy yo?Who am I?Yo soy Jorge ManzanaresI am Jorge Manzanares

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