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Smithfield divorce attorneyAlmost 20 percent of marriages involve some type of physical violence. If you have been physically harmed by your spouse, you are not alone. Domestic violence including physical, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse can make a victim feel as if he or she has no other option but to endure the mistreatment. Leaving an abusive spouse is one of the most difficult and most courageous things a person can do. If you are ready to leave an abusive spouse, make sure to learn about the legal resources you can use to protect yourself and your children.

North Carolina Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Many abusive individuals thrive on controlling their partner. If you leave your abusive marriage, it is possible that your spouse will escalate his or her behavior. One way to protect yourself is to get a protective order or restraining order. A temporary protective order can:

  • Require your spouse to stay a certain distance away from you and your children

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